Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Teacher Box

I use my Teacher Box almost as much as I use my Teacher Binder!  This is where I store all of my answer keys, as well as worksheets that we'll be using throughout the year.

I like being able to have everything I need in one place.  This box has a handy storage compartment on top where I keep index cards (great for notes to the kids as well as making flash cards), a pen & pencil, paper clips, and one of my most important tolls...Sticky Tabs!  (handy for bookmarks and place-holders of all kinds).

Inside there are hanging files for organizing my worksheets and Teacher's manuals.  Up front I have my All About Spelling Letter Tiles Mini Office.

The hanging folders are color-coordinated for each subject (the kids have folders and spirals of the same color for that subject).  Green is Science.  Here are some handouts for my daughter's Supercharged Science.

My son is doing Lego Robotics this year, and his worksheets and quizzes are in the other green hanging folder.

Red is for Language Arts.  Here are some homophones worksheets for my daughter that I printed off from the All About Homophones e-book...

...and my honkin-huge Easy Grammar manual.

I'm always surprised that the hanging folders haven't given out on me yet, between the huge EG manual and the hardbound math guides from Math-U-See, but they've held up pretty well.

Finally foreign language.  My son really wanted to learn Japanese this year.  He's using Irasshai (put out by Georgia Public Broadcasting, looks like a great course!) and My Japanese Coach on the DS for a fun way to review.  Between this and robotics, I think I'm in trouble...translated  私は困っている !  

When it's time to check my kids' work, I just sit down with my binder and my box and I'm all set!


  1. I came over here from The Homeschool Lounge (the organizing thread.) My 9th grade daughter is planning to use the Georgia Public Broadcasting for Japanese this year, too. It looks great. She used Mango through the library last year, but she didn't like it after a while. I'm hoping GPBS will work better. SoCalLynn

    1. Hope she enjoys it, my son has really liked it! He's going to continue with it again this coming year.

  2. Hi! Do you remember where you bought this file system! I LOVE it! Thanks.

  3. Yes, I got the box and hanging folders at Staples a few years ago. Hope you can find a box you like!

  4. Our 7 year old is using Irasshai and he loves it! Such a great free resource.