Friday, September 27, 2013

Petrifying Purple Pajama Incident

I think it's been long enough that I can share this story safely. I have a confession. I'm responsible for spreading a stereotype all over town here.

Oh the shame!

It was a cold day in February about 2.5 years ago...

I went to the doctor's office to pick up some paperwork, took my son to guitar, went INTO the bank (not just the drive-thru, noooo...), went into the library, and helped my son get his "adult" library card (where we freely admitted he has no picture ID because we homeschool). As we turned to leave the library, I realized that I still had on my purple nightgown!!!

I had been cold when I woke up, so I threw on some pants and a big warm sweater over top, thinking I'd get dressed later. We got busy with school, I did some work, and then it was time to go to guitar so we left...and my then 14 year-old, dearly beloved son said nary a word to me about my snowflake-bedecked nightgown sticking at least a foot below my sweater!

While I was driving to his guitar lesson, we saw a guy who was sagging almost to the knees! We had such a hoot--really, I don't know how the guy could walk, he looked so ridiculous--but there I was not even realizing I was in my PJ's and making my own fashion statement, LOL!

And WHY didn't said dearly beloved son say anything?  He just didn't think about it.  Boys!  I told him he should be embarrassed to be seen in public with his mother in a night gown and should tell me next time!


  1. That is Hilarious, Merry! Thanks for sharing!

  2. When my sister's three children were all little, she was so busy getting them ready for church, getting there on time, and dropping them off at their different classes, that she didn't look down at her feet until halfway through the worship service. She had gone to church with her hot pink fuzzy slippers on. :) What DID she say to her husband then? LOL.