Friday, November 4, 2011

AAS Letter Tiles Mini Office

If you have ever made a lapbook or mini office, you use All About Spelling, and you have trouble finding room for a full sized magnet board, you might like this idea! Another mom on an email loop made a letter tiles mini office, and I thought it was so clever I decided to make my own. Here are pictures:

Fully open:

Instead of regular file-folders, I used folder-pouches that had velcro-closures, and cut them open. I used 3 folders, and cut the closure-flap off 2 of them. There are 2 folders displayed in the picture; the third folder is glued on the back, joining the two folders together. Here's a close-up of the left side:

I adhered peel and stick magnet strips (spent $3 at stuff-mart) to the folder for the tiles to stick to. Here's a close-up of the right side:

Lay it flat on a table to work, and simply fold it up for easy storage when you are done:

I was concerned about how thick it might be with all of the magnet strips and tiles in there, but it's barely thicker than my hand:

It fits easily into my kids' workboxes:

Or into my Teacher File Box:

Or the rubbermade tote I use to hold our other AAS supplies:

I've opened and closed it several times to see how the tiles hold up. They rarely fall off. The first three pages always stay intact; the last page I open does sometimes drop a tile or two as I open it, I think because it's not a reinforced page. I'll probably try gluing another folder to the outside to add stability.

This would also work great for people who want to take AAS or the new All About Reading on the go--pack up the tiles too! Enjoy!

After using this for about a year, here's an update.


  1. Thank you for sharing this. It has taken me a bit but I asked a while ago on WTM forum and you linked it up. Thank you. It looks like something we could make and would be totally functional for us instead of using wall space. Love it! (maeintx)

  2. Great idea .. thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Where did you get the folder pouches for the mini office? Do you know the brand?

  4. I bought them at Staples, so they might be the Staples brand. You could also use the regular file folders and get some velcro-dots to make your own closures. Have fun!

  5. This may be a silly question :-) But is there a specific type of magnetic strip that the magnets stick to? I'm used to using magnetic tape to make magnets - but I didn't realize magnets would stick to it.

  6. I think any type would work, I didn't look for anything specifically. HTH!

  7. Walmart has some tin hanging signs on sale right now for 97 cents in the craft/office supplies area. They are about 9" X 11" or so. The backs are white & they would work well for this too (and are cheaper than buying this many magnet strips). I'm testing it out right now--I think the magnets stick better. I'll post some pictures soon.

  8. Thanks so much for the idea! We live in an RV for pretty much the whole summer and I just ordered AAR for my profoundly dyslexic son. I was really hesitant simply because of the space a magnetic board would take up. This idea is so much more doable for us!

    1. I'm glad that helped! I recently bought a foldable dry-erase magnetic project board on Amazon, and it works pretty well too. Occasionally a letter will fall, so I'm sure you'd want to store it and use it flat like you would a mini-office, but that's another possible option. Enjoying your summer in the RV! AAR is great for kids with dyslexia. Let me know if you ever need help.