Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of School Traditions

It's that time of year again!  We have two first-day traditions.  The first one is to fill out a First Day Questionaire. It’s fun to look back on these and see previous favorite movies, colors, subjects, meals, holidays, and so on. Here's a form I like to use. There's room at the bottom to write a favorite memory or draw a picture.

The other tradition is to make Monkey Break for breakfast. Here's a great recipe from All Recipes. I wake the kids up and then come downstairs to cut up the biscuits, roll them in cinnamon sugar, poor the gooey sweet sauce over them and pop them in the oven. They’re usually done about the time the kids amble down the stairs in their pj’s, and we read Bible while the cinnamony-sweet goodness cools.

The caramelized sauce dribbles down the sides and between all the sections, and we don’t even bother with plates. We just each dig in with a fork and savor every bite. Anna grins and says, “I wonder why they call it Monkey Bread?” Zach just smiles and says he doesn’t care! Some day I’m sure I’ll have to look that up. We are homeschoolers after all!

What are your first-day traditions?

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