Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All About Reading 1 SALE and Astronaut Ice Cream!

All About Reading Level 1 is here!


And it's on sale, with a bonus this week: Order by midnight on December 6, and it's 10% off, plus a fun supplement, A Taste of Outer Space is added to your order FREE!


One thing I really like about the activity book are the fluency exercises. Kids get lots of practice reading individual words, and then they read phrases that gradually build into sentences. Breaking the work down in this way would have really helped my kids when they were learning to read. An early example:

had a nap
Dan had a nap.

And a later one:

Set the dishcloth
Set the dishcloth in the dishpan
"Set the dishcloth in the dishpan," said Mom.

Here are samples for the Activity book and Teacher's Manual.

Like all of their materials, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Hope this will help some of you! Enjoy!

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